Cannot Connect Homey to eWelink cloud or compatible devices

Hi all
Does anyone know how to connect eWelink devices to Homey. Is there the possibility to connect to eWelink cloud as for Tuya devices? Or is there the possibility to connect them directly to Homey by using an app?
Thank you in advance.

No, and no. There is no support for eWelink devices on Homey.

Thanks Robert,
Have you a suggestion to connect these devices (WIFI Eachen smart relay) to Homey? Is there a WAS?
Thank you

I don’t know what a “WAS” is, but from what I can see, the only way you may get them working with Homey is to flash the Tasmota firmware on them and use the Tasmota app for Homey.

Thank you Robert,
WAS was for Work Around Solution.
I will give a try, I have already installed Tasmota App but I have not solved the issue so I guess that my device has not Tasmota firmware.

You could use IFTTT to connect them to Homey. But I think you also need a premium membership for Ewelink then?