New to Homey - Any idea how I could integrate Brilliant Touchscreen Controls?

I just bought a Homey Pro and started migrating a lot of the stuff I had added to HomeKit from their original vendor hubs to Homey directly and it’s going reasonably well so far, but I have 8 touchscreen Brilliant controls ( that I would love to include In Homey so I could take advantage of advanced flows but I have no idea how to integrate them since there is no app available in Homey. They connect to my network using Wi-Fi and they list a lot of integrations on their site, but Homey isn’t one of them, and I’m wondering if there is a way I could make it work with a “middle-man” like IFTTT or something else…

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You can give it a shot to try adding them to the smartphone Tuya Smart or SmartLife app.
When it succeeds, you can use the Homey Tuya Cloud app.

@Fanboy I would love to hear your results.

To clarify, these are Briliant Touchscreen controls (not, which, based on what I researched, are rebranded Tuya devices).
Would the apps above still work?