Brilliant Smart Products - Light Switches

Has anyone here been able to integrate Brilliant Smart products (Lights, Powerpoints, Switches etc) into Homey?

The products use Wifi, no hub required and can connect to Google Assistant and Amazon and IFTT.

They have smart light switches that negate the need for an extra device like an Aeotec switch to sit behind the switch.

Id be really keen to get these working with my Homey. Im guessing its going to require a Developer to create an App, but i think because the products are only available in the Australian/New Zealand market this isn’t going to happen :frowning:

From what i can tell the devices “smarts” come from chips manufactured by Tuya. Does anyone know of any apps for Homey compatible with Tuya devices/chips?

Hey Shane, I have a brilliant coloured down lights and normal downlight. I’ve managed to connect it through the Tuya app. Although I can only add them as a plug and command on/off it works a treat. Is a bit tricky to find the device ID. But the instructions are really helpful to follow.