Sun screen switch (TuyaSmart)


Last weekend I installed two new smart switches to control my sun screens (see photo). They can be controlled with the TuyaSmart app.

My goal is now to create flows based on a sun/lux & rain sensor and let the screens act based on this. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to integrate this with Homey?

Thanks in advance!

Look at the tuya cloud app. Only thing that works now after they blocked the way of getting the key for local control outside the cloud.

As far as I know that app only supports lights and wall socket switches. I unfortunately cannot install this shutter switch

Is there an app with the smart switches?
Most of the time there is and if you are lucky it support ifttt. If not, then better to throw away and search for smart switches which work with homey and buy them :wink:

I have bought normal switches ( turn left/right) and added a shelly 2.5 for each sunscreen (shutters). Have 4 ways to control (shellly app, mqtt, webhooks and homey app for shelly)

If they can be controlled with the Smart app then just make a scene in that app. In Homey u can call the scenes from within a flow.

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll give them a try tonight and let you know

Hi Homeys,

Since a few weeks I’ve got a Homey Pro. Love it so far!
I bought a Sun screen switch of Tuya / Smartlife. I’ve got it working via the Google Home app. I would like to control it in a flow in Homey. I’m unable to get the ID and key. Neither via the Tuya app, nor via the Tuya Cloud app, nor via the Smartlife app. In the cloud app I only have lights and switches.
What I don’t get is why do they have make it so difficult to get stuff installed. I just dumped a water leak sensor from Tuya / Smartlife in the bin because it would be Google compatible but it isn’t. It only notifies in the Smartlife app.
Has anyone got the sun screen controllable in Homey? Do I need the ID and key? How can I get those?
A lesson learned; never again will I buy this Tuya / Smartlife crap.
Thanks in advance!