Let Homey start something via Google Home

Good morning all,

I have a question regarding Google Home interacting with Homey.
When I ask Google (nest) to start vacuum cleaning, it works. Ofcourse, people using a Homey, want to automate this and not have to ask it everytime (writing this reminds me that I’m getting quite lazy…).
Is it possible to create a flow, that starts the vacuum cleaner? It’s a Blaupunkt Xboost (named ‘Smart Life’ in Google, named ‘Bluebot’ in the Appstore), and there seems to be no app for the Homey for it.



EDIT: If you haven’t yet, install the mobile Tuya Smart app, and pair the vacuumrobot.
At Homey, install Tuya Cloud app.
You should be able to control the robot by using so called tap-to-run scenes.
All relevant info can be found here!

To let Homey control Ggl Home:
The only odd way (until now) is to let Homey speak through one Google Assistant enabled device using the Ggl TTS app, and having 2 GA enabled devices in one room.
The text to use:
Okay google, okay, YourVoiceCommand

Hi Peter,
Thanks for your reply! Will definitely use that app someday. I just solved my issue a different way. Was struggling with it for a few weeks, posted on this forum and got it solved in a few minutes…

For the people having the same problem:
In the ‘bluebot’ app, create a ‘tap-to-run’-scene:

In Homey, create a flow which starts the vacuum.

In the IFTTT app, create applet.
If flow starts, then start the Bluebot Scene

Whenever the flow runs in Homey, the vacuum cleaner will start cleaning.

Thanks again, Peter!

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