Embed TUYA in your flows without the struggles!

Hello readers!

There are soo many Tuya devices out there and with Action store selling a lot of cheap but cool devices, you wish to add them all to your Homey!

Some devices are harder to add because Homey only supports them using the device IP address and a special key. I personally do not prefer using this because a new router, new IP lease or anything similair results in broken devices and flows.

My solution is to use ‘Tap-to-run’ action build inside the Tuya app:

  1. Open your Tuya app
  2. Add the devices
  3. Create a tap-to-run with the action that you wish; turn a group of sirens on and off, pull up your roller blinds to 80% etcetera.
  4. Install the Tuya Cloud app on Homey
  5. Login with your Tuya credentials
  6. In a flow, you can add a ‘Then’ card that triggers Tuya to run your device.

I have been using this for about 18 months now and never had failures. My roller blinds have multiple scenes/tap-to-runs (closed, 80%, 60%, 20% and open) and I created two scenes for my three Tuya wifi based sirens turning them all on or off, which I embedded in my alarm system.

Happy programming!


The reason two Tuya apps exist is because some people prefer not to have their home controlled through Chinese cloud servers. Granted, the cloud app is easier to use and set up, but there’s an additional risk involved with it. That’s why some prefer to use the “harder” method.

Thank you for this extra info. I think this comment is exactly what my post needed, this gives the Homey user a choice to make in what suits them best! :+1:

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Always nice to have real life examples, Justin.
The Tuya “trick” is posted earlier. Not to nag, but just fyi.

And way before my example, it is explained here also as I discovered later on :relieved:

And I am only just now discovering that you already posted it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: …!! Sorry friend.

When this was a thingy I tried searching it on Google but without success, that’s why I decided to write a new page about it.

Sorry is not needed Justin. It happened to me also. This “trigger a scene” option is a kinda “known secret” about the tuya cloud possibilities :upside_down_face: