Tuya ball valve

Hi, somebody experience with this Tuya Valve connection to Homey pro?


The Tuya app does not mention this device however it does suggest it would work with e.g Zigbee etc.
thx, Tom

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If you havent bought it yet, i’d advise to look for a different brand. Unless you love to tinker and know a fair share about code.

Tuya is big but not for everyone for use outside of their own apps.

thank you Jepke, no I have not bought anything yet. I’ll first try to make the iyems work before I switch to reality.
Any suggestion which brand I could choose?.
Have not found any RF ballvalve with Wifi and app so far.

Mvg, Tom

Hello Tom,

When you’ve read the Tuya Cloud app topic, you should’ve encountered these sections:

You can find links to the ‘tap-to-run’ and ‘RAW commands’ in there as well.

A simple valve can be operated by using 2 tap-to-run scenes, one for open and one for close

The links to the app topics can be found at the app page at the homey.app store

Hi Peter,
I didn’t overlook this part but took it as an option to only ‘open/close’. and that is not what this valve can do, provided it works via the app it can open and close in steps of 10%.
did I understand this wrong?

rgds, Tom

Hi Tom, that doesn’t matter.
You could create 10 additional tap-to-run scenes as well, one for “open valve 10%”, one for “open valve 20%” and so on.
Or you can use the RAW commands to set the valves to a certain position.
It saves you the creation of tap-to-run scenes.

Ahhh ok thanks.

Ok, thanks for the clarification.

Rgds, Tom