Switch Vera to Homey: general questions

Hi all,

I am wondering about switch my system from Vera to Homey, but I would like to get some answers before I do:

  1. I have WiFi window openers (Smarwi) which are controlled by http URL (ie for window open I need to visit specific URL and so on) - in Vera I have virtual window covering device on which when I press Open window it reaches that URL and window opens, is it possible to do that by Homey?

  2. I have lot of Vision brand Smoke/Flood/Co sensors, I see Homey has an app for Vision but those sensors are not listed as supported ones, will thay work for example as generic sensor device? What I need is only the information that sensor has been triggered.

  3. Is it possible to create advanced automation using Flows? For example: when humidity difference in last minutes is bigger than threshold, put Fan On and turn it off after X minutes, or close window when CO2 is under limit or it starts raining and do that only during 8:00 to 15:00 or start garden irrigation when there was less than X mm of rain and temperature was higher than X or close sunshade when windgust readings from Netatmo are higher than X in last 20 minutes…

  4. I use quite often Qubino relays, are thay reliable on Homey system?

  5. Can Homey show IP camera pictures from Hikk or TP Link cameras based on URL to camera snapshot? Is it possible to see that pictures somewhere in Homey app?

I have around 200 devices in Vera system (around 30 Z-wave devices, Philips Hue, Logitech Harmony, Netatmo…). I suppose Homey Pro would be more suitable for me than Homey non Pro, am I right?

  1. Yes, you can use Http request app for this.
  2. Probably no if its not listed.
  3. Yes, you can do pretty everything once you get used to flows in combination with variables and timers.
  4. Yes
  5. Yes, you can see a snapshot and you can send it also in push notifications, emails etc.

Definitely go for Homey pro :slight_smile:


Thanks man, what a pitty about that point 2 - I would need to replace those with Fibaro and it is quite a lot of money.

Some more questions:

  1. Can flows be launched by Siri shortcuts?

  2. When version 5 launches and apps got updated to new SDK, will there be need to readd devices or recreate flows?

  3. Does Homey have full system backup including Z-wave network?


You can use cheaper Aqara motion sensors that works great for me.
6. Sorry Im not apple user
7. There is not need to re-add.
8. Yes - this is part of subscription fee

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