[APP][Pro] VeSync (Levoit)

Just saw it :slight_smile:

Could you send a diagnostic report once this error is there again? since the error log will reset once the app restarts/update.

Also, I would recommend that you re-add your LV600s. It still has old capabilities that have been removed.

Thanks a lot. Just re-added the LV600s. I’ll remove most of the water from both of them and send you a diagnostics report as soon as any of them lacks water.:slight_smile: Is the 300s OK, or do you want me to re-add that one as well?

The 300s are fine :slight_smile:

I just sent you a new diagnotics report. a9e37597-f592-426d-84cf-dee0d33d0174. App is v0.1.6. Water lacks Sensor is OK. Flow trigger OK, but keeps on triggering once per minute.

Thats how its currently programmed. Every min i pull the latest state of the devices.
I could change that, if you want to.

If that’s the way it’s suposed to be, I can store the status in a variable instead and change my flow so it notifies me once pr. hour until the device is turned on again.:slight_smile: Thanks a lot for great work on the VeSync app. Did you fix this issue in v0.1.6 or was 0.1.6 a fix for other stuff related to 300s? Looks like fan control and mode changes are more robust in 0.1.6 as well. Haven’t had the time to play too much around with device controles yet, but will do so in the next few days. While writing this, my LV600s just reported lack of water. Same behaviour…:slight_smile: Sensor shows water lack, and the flow triggered to notify me. This now seems to work as designed.

0.1.6 was only core300s.

Hi there,

So you think it’s be possible to add support for the LV-PUR131S ?

I’ve got it, so if you need anything just let me know :wink:
I’m new to homey but I understand this is community work. Not a programmer, just a bit geeky here.


Yeah it would be possible. Best would be to PM me and give me access to that device via the VeSync app. This would help me to debug the app. Also it would mean your LV131 would turn on/off while I’m working.

That’d be great. PM on the way.
Edit: that’s embarrassing, can’t seem to find how to send a PM on the Homey Forums :sweat_smile:

Greetings! Would there be any future update for additional model device support? I have a Core600s air purifier and would love to add it to HP2023.

Hey @Polyrhythm27

The challenge lies in the fact that VeSync does not provide a public API, making it rather difficult to add a device without direct access to it. To incorporate such a device into my setup, I must either possess the device or secure shared access, though the latter option doesn’t always work seamlessly, as it appears that the invitation process may be limited to devices within the same country.

Additionally, I have developed a potential solution based on the Levoit Core400S, which closely aligns with the Levoit Core600S. I encourage you to try this test version and provide feedback on its functionality to ensure everything is operating smoothly. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that there is currently no dedicated icon available for this particular device.

@spkesDE I added my Core600s this morning and it works perfectly. Thank you so much for your dedicated work! :grinning:

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Hello, I would like to go too Levoit Vital 200S Smart True HEPA Air Purifier? Thank you

Will check this out, how much work is needed once I‘m free. Probably Friday :v:

It would be great!

Same ask for support for the LV131, happy to give you access as well.

Sorry for the late response. I totally forgot to check this out.

I just added on the test branch the Levoit Vital 100s and 200s.

Could you try this out and give me feedback?

I’ve sent you a PM

Best regards!

Cool, I’ve been dealing with other things too :slight_smile:

Version 0.3.2 - Vital 200s: Cannot read properties of null.
Restart the app. Vital 200s: No new devices have been found.
The device is nowhere to be seen. Restarted in app on phone. I will work more on the weekend.

Diagnostics Report:

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It would be nice to have a flowcard for when mode changes. Is it an easy way to implement this for all devices that have different operating modes?