[APP][Pro] Insight Trends Reloaded

Insight Trends

With the help of Homey’s insightful features, you can view all sensor measurements and their historical evolution. Take it a step further and do more than just observe the insights; act accordingly or even glimpse the future a little.

You can choose an insight (a device and a capacity, such as the outside temperature), as well as a timeframe to analyze. The outcomes will then be computed as follows:

  • Trend
    a number between -1 and 1 that indicates whether the sensors’ measurements are increasing or decreasing (and by how much/slowly). For instance, a score of 0.75 indicates a sharp upward trend, while -0.1 denotes a mild negative trend.
  • Min/max
    the smallest/largest value found within the timeframe
  • Average
    the average value across all data points (arithmetic mean)
  • Median
    If all values were sorted and you took the middle value, it would be the median.
  • Percentile
    Passing in 50% as an argument will return the median, while 25% and 75% will return the first and third quartiles respectively.
  • Standard deviation
    a measure of how “spread out” the data set is.
  • Number of used data points
    The number of measures in the dataset. This can help assess how reliable the results presented above are. Important: A larger timeframe may not contain a larger dataset than a smaller one. Since Athom decreases the data points over a longer timespan.


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(This app idea is based on the app from MadMonkey87, but rewritten and republished by me)




  • Release of Insight Trends Reloaded
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Reserved for future stuff.

The app just got released! :confetti_ball::tada:


Just out of curiosity, is it compatible with previous version or it behaves as fully new app so it is required to reset everything ? Regardless of answer, thank you very very much for revival :slight_smile:

update OK, fully new app, flows need to be reworked*

** update 2 ** Do I miss something ? :slight_smile:


Thanks for the updated app! One Q: is it possible to create an advanced user setting for “significant figures” to round tag values? I understand this may also be possible using math functions, but it would be much more convenient to have one global setting for it (especially for logging).

For example “significant figures= 3”: 1.234567 → 1.23, or 0.0056789 → 0.00568.



Yes. This app has a new app id. It’s not possible to get the same app id once the app got deleted from the store.

I don’t know. It’s working fine for me.

I can add a settings for that in the settings-page. But it will take some time.

Thank you, I sent you Diag. report if it helps - as all other apps works, so not sure where is the problem, I even restarted your app. I guess it’s not conflicting with old Insights trends I’m still using.

Maybe reinstall the app. This is a error on homey side not on mine. The diagnostic report looks fine.

OKi, reinstall didn’t help - let’s see if someone else will report the same. Thx.

It it possible that you use normal flows? Not adv. flows?

Ups, I didn’t notice it’s Adv. flow compatible only. Indeed, I tried to set/fix old Normal flows. So it really appear in Adv. flows but not in Normal flows.


Yes, because I used tokens for the cards. I would have to add two more cards for normal flows.

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OK, because I saw it appear in the When, And … but not Then, so it was confusing. But if this is Adv. flow compatible only, everyone would have to rework their flows, which is a bummer. Anyway, maybe I’m the only case like this. Thank your for your replies.

I’ll add the other two cards soon. It’s not much work.

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Added support for normal flows to the current test version.

@Sharkys now you have the then card on normal flows :slight_smile:


Going to test, thank you :slight_smile:

@spkesDE I am having an issue with min/max. I simply want to calculate the energy consumption in the last 24h.

In Insights I see: Min=112, max =119

However, min is not correct:

The actual value 116.7 was measured around 12:40 today (about 6h ago).
Using 24 hours for the calculation gives the same result, and even 12h as well. :thinking:

Any clue what could cause this?

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there was a problem with my code. Forgot to add the timespan last 24h inside the code.
It has been fixed with the current test version.

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That explains it then. :slight_smile:
Works as expected now, thanks!

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