Insights - Graphs

Would be nice to have other graph types than only the “spline interpolated line graph.”

When for example graphing a heating element of 2kW that goes on/off, it looks terrible. (Middle graph)

Also boolean values is not able to chart, but I make a numerical variable that is 0 or 1, this also looks bad in spline interpolated graph. (Top graph)

Should have several types like graphana.

I am not sure, but this might be what you want or it can be build in there:
[APP][Pro] Insight Trends Reloaded [Upcoming] - Apps - Homey Community Forum

Is this what ITS does @spkesDE ?

Currently it’s only calculating trend, median, average over a selected timespan.
The Settings Page will show graphs. I’m not sure how and when. But I’ll try to support multiple graph options.

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Just FYI: If you use angular-js, there are some easy to implement google chart modules out there.
(They will be there for others aswell, i’m sure).

If you need any help (then, not now :wink: ) let me know!

Just a quick question. Did you use react, vue or angular in your settings frontend?

I’m currently thinking about using react as a frontend

I used angularjs.

Would prefer to have it in insights.
However it seems like a great app for those that need these extra features.

Also persistent graphs/dash’s would be helpful when checking stuff frequently.