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This category is created to show, and explain the working of specific Flows in homey.
Hello everyone, I would like to create a daily account where I am sent a notification showing the temperatures and the humidity percentage of 24 hours, do you know how I can do it? Thank you

Create an Openweather device which forecasts for 24h.

Use the tags of that device

Thanks for the answer, I explained myself badly in the post, I mean (from my temperature and humidity sensors “Aqara” at home”, basically read the Insights and show them without going to call them up every time.
Thank you

So you want to have a graph of the change in temperature and humidity over the last 24 hours, as shown in Insights?

That’s right, even a command to directly call up the “Insights” graph.

Even for my Shelly EM, being able to see the consumption of the whole day
Thank you

Web app: Longpress / rightclick the device tile


@mobile app
If available, go to advanced settings and pick the preferred status indicator

@web app:
By default available in ‘big tile view’

I meant via smartphone, if there was a quick command because without it it is very cumbersome

I knew this, I meant a quick command that directly reminded me of the graph with the last 24 hours of consumption, the ones you indicate to me are the instant ones

Thank you

Okay, I give up :wink: Enjoy your Homey!

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Let me give you an example of what I would need:

For my Shelly EM I would like you to send me a push notification “for example” by email every day telling me how many KWH I consumed over the previous 24 hours.

As far as my Aqara zigbee sensors are concerned, humidity and temperature, I would like them to send me the humidity and temperature values of the 24 hours always by email or push notification

Do you think it’s feasible?

Thank you

To get a notification with the consumption of the last 24 h without a graph is no problem, but to send an email or a notification with a graph there is no way I think.
Maybe it’s possible via Home Assistant, but I am not familiar with that.

I also imagined I needed home assistants for charts, as far as consumption is concerned, how can I do it?

Sorry, I’m out. I know that you need additional hardware like a Raspberry Pi or a NAS, but how to configure HA I have no clue.
Just use the search function, there are lots of threads regarding HA.

I mean without HA

Only the 24 h consumption without a graph?

It would be enough for me even without a graph, always better than nothing :smiley::smiley:

The easiest way is to use the app Power by the hour.

It’s also possible to do it without an additional app. But this will require about 6-8 flows. If you are interested, I can post an example.

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Yes I would be interested, you are very kind for your help

I have just read this.
Under Home Assistant, such graphics are possible on the Dashboard, but sending is not possible.

I don’t have HA, I just want Homey to tell me every day through a FLOWS (mail or Telegram etc) how many KWH of energy has been consumed at home, I don’t care about the graph even if it would be nice

Just as Dirk has already written. Use the Power of the hour app.