How to create multi element graphs in Insights?


How do I create this sort of graph using Insights?

I just received my Homey yesterday - I have installed the Hue App and have 12 hours of Temp data from the Motion Sensors but cannot work out how to combine them together for a single graph.

Sorry I am asking so many questions on the Forums - just trying to get over that initial learning curve hump.

Many thanks to all

Just select the ones you want to see, one or multi, after selection, wait some time for displaying

Your screenshot is from a Homey version 1.x,
I guess you bought a new Homey?
From version 2 firmware you can create overviews on
But all listed below each other.

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@Dijker disappointing I had expected to be create a graph of the say… Downstairs Temp Sensors and to be able to see at a glance which rooms were under or over temp.

@JPe4619 Thanks - I was trying to get the graph I saw in the review but apparently see @Dijker it is not available anymore :frowning:

I understand you. But as a workaround you can create a flow that pushes you a notification or makes an entry in the timeline with the temp of the desired devices on a regular base.
Or you can install and make an excel graph of it.
Or install and create your own log.

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Thanks for the suggestions.