Display and compare MULTIPLE gradients in ONE Insight graph

Dear all,
I am new to homey and I started with doing experince; especially doing logging of temperatures, rain, …

What am I really miss (or it´s not intuitive enought for a newbie):

  1. Comparing multiple / different gradients in on graph with one Y- and X- axis. F.e. I want to compare the temperatures of 10 rooms in my house at a glance.
  2. The possibility to change the Y-axis scaling.
  3. As a goodie: Save my favorite graphs (F.e. One is the set of all room-temperatures, another a set of all my freezers

Especialle the Y-axis of air pressure is automatically (and I am not able to change that?!) really sad scaling. Why is automatic, graphical scaling not so smart that it makes a minimal Y-axis scaling (i.e., best resolution of the respective sensor) over the selected period of time?

Sorry for my beginner-questions. But I am a freak in analyzing datas of temperatures, weather, conditions and so on. I would love to do that in future with the homey-insights. Easier than export it to f.e.Excel and loosing time by doing that.

Thank you very much,

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This is not possible with the insights webpage from Homey itself. But you can ask Athom to enhance the functionality to what you need (and imho it makes sense what you want). In the mean time, you could export all your data to csv, and make all the graphs you want in excel. I made an app for doing just that😉


Dear Gruijter,
thank you very much! OK, I see… you did have the same wish in the past and solved it by your own :wink: Good job, thank you!

Which way is, in your opinion, the best to communicate my problem statement / suggestion to Athom? I think they get hundreds of wishes per day…?! Is there hope for this “easy” feature?

Thanks a lot,

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Create a support ticket or by email.

See instructions here Welcome to the forum!

Hi, another newbee here. Love all of it so far and really a graph fan as well.
Has anything updated after posting this question?
At the 'Insights" section there is a lot to discover but do miss (or overlook) options requested by Franz back in May 2019.

Br EdwardG