[APP][Pro] Insights Graphs

Insights Graphs for Homey

This app allows you to export any Homey Insights data into beautiful graphs.

Currently has support for:

  • :green_circle: Color picker for graphs in trigger card
  • :heavy_plus_sign: Select a time window (day, week, month, etc…)
  • :rice_scene: Graphs image tag
  • :black_circle: Light, dark or transparante for auto light/dark mode graphs
  • :chart_with_upwards_trend: Graphs types: Line and bar

Exports can be easily scheduled by using a trigger card and Insights Graphs action card in a flow. You can schedule by day or week or with time window you need.

Download in the Homey App Store!

:gear: Install this app on your Homey and create a flow with the Insights Graphs action card

:speech_balloon: Supported languages:

  • :uk: English
  • :netherlands: Dutch

Flow and outcome example


:computer: Developers


Cool app!
I just have a question: How did you handle the forced interpolation done by Homey?
The images you have posted shows temperature with 1 value pr hour. Homey is automatically interpolating values for every 5 minutes when selecting “24 hours”, even if my temperature sensor is only posting a value every 20 minute :thinking:


Looks nice, out of curiosity what generates the graph and converts it to an image?


I have written a data normaliser class that takes care of this :innocent:


Chart.js is used and then the end result is converted to an image


Do you have the source code public somewhere I can have a look?

As Homey already screws the original data by interpolating to 1m/5m/1h/6h intervals, its interesting to see what you do on top of this to try to correct the data :sweat_smile:
Are you stripping all the similar values to remove the stair-case graph?

My day-job is timeseries data, that’s why this is interesting :wink:


We do not have the source code public. Should we want to do this, the app must first be published.

What I do is not too cool haha.

I use a timestamp convert all Homeys data to that timestamp and make a new collection with the choosen timestamp. Them all data gets combined and I calculate the highest values. And return my own new smaller list.

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:sparkles: Live 1.0.0
The app is out now! Graphs all your Home Insights data right now and send it out with your favorite messenger app!

Try the live version here:

Isn’t it more simple to just use all the available data points and let Chart.js do the “hard” work of converting them into a nice graph? Then you can leave out the step of creating your own smaller list. That way the chart should be a bit more accurate, right?

You can configure Chart.js to show you a max amount of ticks on the xAxes using maxTicksLimit .

I did the same for the charts in my own dashboard:

It would be even cooler to be able to do all of this locally, without the need of image-chart.com. Have you thought about using something like this?


Thanks for the feedback bas I’ll take a look!
I decided for chartjs with a site to make the app more lightweight but I’ll run some tests. It would be better to run 100% locally.

I will also work in making a device for homey so you can see your graphs within the homey app.


I did some testing myself, and chartjs-to-image works pretty great.


I’m making an update for implementation thanks for the feedback.

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Awesome! I’m curious how it will turn out.

This is what I came up with so far:

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I am plating around Sith the app but i zee you use aan app to send the image over Whatsapp, what app is that? I am using Callmebot but it doesn’t have the option to send aan image.

Hi, that is a app in development in collaboration with @martijnpoppen :wink:

Good to hear/read. Any idea when it wil be released?

P.s. As I am Looking for it I am willing to help with testing

How do you import it to image-charts?
Not sure how to connect from flow to image charts :smiley:

What exactly do you mean? You choose any trigger card. Then the insights graphs advanced action card. Then a message action card and choose the graphs tag as image there.

Gotcha thanks :wink:
Very nice app :slight_smile:

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