[APP][Pro] Insights Graphs

The example I showed is using the normal Homey push notifications. Also tried it with Telegram, and that’s also no problem.

The way I did it was by saving the image first, using the toFile option. Then I use that image as token.

How do you save to file?

Also I cannot get images to work in Telegram when sending to Messenger. But that’s another topic :smiley:

And with Homey pushnotification action card?

Images work perfectly with Push Notfications :slight_smile:

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With telegram app you used?

Try: Telegram App voor Homey | Homey

As far as I can see it only uses Telegram right?
I don’t really use Telegram but only Whatsapp and Messenger, so I’d rather wait until Homey fixes the image issue on Messenger rather than commit to a new chat bot :slight_smile:

This is a cool app and I succeded to send a graph with “Email sender” app. It made me thinking about how I could send a graph to Sharptools dashboard. I need to store the graph somewhere with an URL and put the URL into a media tile in Sharptools.io.

I was thinking about the exact same thing. How do I show that in Sharptools :slight_smile:

Perhaps the ftp client can save an image token as file to a fto server. I haven’t tried if the flow card can take an image as parameter. Then you can use the file in your dashboard… just depends on your equipment :wink:

For questions, just ask Arie.

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:sparkles: Test 1.0.1
New test version out now!


  • Graphs are now no longer internet-dependent.

Try the test version here:


Awesome! Really happy that there is no internet needed anymore.m :partying_face:

Is the source code available by any chance? I would like to take a look to see if I can make the graphs look a bit better.


Have you asked? Maybe your suggestions are good ones and others might benefit out of it (rather than playing with source code yourself)

Hi Bas, it is a private repo on Github. @Menno_van_Hout will you send bas an invitation to the repo?

If you would like to contribute the results with a PR. I’ll throw the source code online in the upcoming hours.


Nice app, would be awesome if you could combine it with the Insight Trends Reloaded App then the possibilities are endless.

Thats why we made this app. :wink:

Then i might be missing something, how do i get the results (e.g. a trend) from the insights trends app to the insights graph app as an image?

Not possible @Jeroen_W. I was working on a feature that would be similar to insights graphs but stopped on it a while ago. Maybe I’ll pick it up and keep on working on it.