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Flow Utilities - Get more out of data for in flows

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Always wanted to know how long your device is running or how much energy it used?
With this app you can compare these (or basically any kind of number) data in Homey.

Current features:

  • Start/Stop duration (Calculate time in between)
  • Start/Stop comparison with value - (Calculate difference of numbers)
  • Convert number to currency
  • Calculation with 2 numbers ([+] [-] [/] [*])
  • Convert number to specified decimal number
  • Trigger flow when duration or calculation is done. (Use outcome as tags in flows)


  1. Add your devices as variables in the app configuration go to
    Homey App: More → Apps → Flow Utilities → Configure App
    Web: https://tools.developer.homey.app/tools/app-settings

    After that they are available as tags in your flow cards:

Supported Languages:

  • :uk: English
  • :netherlands: Dutch
  • :de: German

If you appreciate this app, contribute to future development by making a paypal contribution


Special thanks to @martijnpoppen responsible for:



Live version and Test version


  • BREAK Set zone trigger and actions cards to deprecated status
  • FIX HomeyApi bug for Homey version 8


  • FIX Tokens not set correctly in trigger cards
  • FIX Trigger for device on/off trigger cards


  • OPT Prevent duplicate flow tokens + better error messages in settings
  • FIX Settings and error handling for tokens


  • New Action card for text replace function
  • OPT Action card for text replace now supports multiple matching occurrences in input string.
  • OPT Helper functions


  • CHORE Update error reporting preventing app crashes


  • CHORE Update homey api to latest specs thanks to @martijnpoppen
  • FIX Token creation error for wrong type


  • FIX Error handling setting flow tokens


  • NEW Added duration in seconds to global and trigger (flow) tags
  • NEW Added currency formats for :norway: Norway, :sweden: Sweden & :denmark: Denmark
  • NEW Add support for :norway: Norwegian language
  • FIX Language locales for Norway, Sweden & Danmark


  • NEW Trigger cards for individual devices in zone, with tags available in flow
  • NEW Action cards for converting text to lowercase, uppercase, first letter uppercase & first letter from every word uppercase
  • FIX Trigger cards for individual devices in zone turned off


  • FIX: Small bugfix


  • FIX: App crashes on restart


  • NEW: Trigger flowcards:
    – When devices in Zone turned on
    – When devices in Zone turned off
  • NEW: Action flowcards:
    – Set Color of (all) devices in Zone
    – Set Percentage of (all) devices in Zone (Dim, Color temperature, Window coverings, Volume)
  • NEW: Contain variable data on app restart (FYI: @TomBoz )
  • FIX: App not starting on homey restart
  • FIX: Remove extra spaces in duration result

Test: -

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1: How do I know which tag is used for the outcome of the flow card?
  • Answer: Every End flow card has written in the hint section which variable name is used to store the outcome. You can click the :information_source: icon next to the flow card title to see this text.
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To-do list:

  • [BUG] With removal variable and add the same name again. App works inconsistent DONE (@Caseda)
  • [Feature Request] Flow card to convert number values to needed decimal numbers (f.e. 15.0987346 to 15.10) DONE
  • [Feature Request] German translation DONE (Thanks to @DirkG)
  • [Feature Request] Add confirmation for deletion of variables in App settings DONE (@Caseda)
  • [Feature Request] Trigger card when comparison or duration is ended DONE (@Caseda)
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Looking forward to this :+1:

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Some Flow ideas to use this App with:

Screenshot 2021-10-12 at 12.48.29

In Germany, too, people are hot for your app.

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While I love people being hot for me, I guess you mean another Martijn :wink::joy:


Whenever I’m in the Netherlands, I’ll visit you. We’ll find out together how hot you are. :joy::joy::joy:


Example: compare & convert energy data into usage and price.

Start flow
Schermafbeelding 2021-10-22 om 21.57.28

Stop flow
Note: kwhPrijs is a homey logic variable set with a prefix number. If you have high and low tarifs there are some examples on the forum to set these based on time.

Notification result
Schermafbeelding 2021-10-22 om 21.58.15


New app update (live: 0.1.1)

  • NEW: initial release of the app

New app update (live: 1.0.0)

  • BREAK: New app id
  • NEW: Number with decimals card

NOTICE: the app needs to be reinstalled , since we had to made an ID change. The first app is not available in the store anymore!
Current flows continue to work, but it’s advised to install the new app and change the flow cards. After that you can remove the old app with version number : 0.1.1.
You can see the version number on the mobile app: More → Apps → Flow Utilities

Sorry for any inconvenience…


New app update (live: 1.1.3)

  • Remove Notification card
  • Minor settings page tweaks
  • Tweaks and bugfixes
  • Add :de: German translation thanks to @DirkG

I really like this idea, did find a bug, and have some feature requests:
I needed to reboot the app before all variables/tokens were created/registered after creating them in the app settings, would result in error(s) before I did so.

Feature requests:
A popup warning for the “delete all” button, people with fat finger Will accidentally delete all their variables. :see_no_evil:

I Assume these are already on your to-do list:
Trigger card(s), for when variables have changed, like the duration, for example the “stop duration” could be stopped in several flows, adding all calculations in all those flows is kinda redundant.
Also better for flow management, as you really know when a value has changed/updated to the new value, delays in the flow cards work, but could result in (edge case) mishaps (and the end result can come in faster, not after at least 4 seconds when using all calculations).

Thanks for your feedback, this is really helpful!

The bug is an unknown issue, I will try to reproduce this issue since during development we didn’t experienced this. Will get back on this.

For the feature requests: I really like the ideas, I will add this to our to-do list!

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I’ve installed the app but haven’t figured it out yet. But I hope it should work.
I want to calculate the consumption of my kWh meter for the day.
So “start position” meter, “end position” meter and calculate as end position - start position = daily consumption.
Start standings at 00:01 and end standings at 23:59.
Can you give me a hint ?

If I create a variable in the Homey app, I see it immediately on the web app.
If I create a variable in the web app, I see it immediately in the Homey app.
I don’t have to restart the app.

Thanks for the app.

Awesome that you installed the app. For just your case we created this app.
I think you need te following setup:
Note: 1 & 10 will be your tag/variable of your energie meter to get current counter. The ? will be the tag created by Flow Utilities app (For some reason this doesn’t show in shared flows). So in this case Kwhmeter verschil or if you have English setup it will be Kwhmeter difference

Or even better you could also include pricing as well:

Note: use the the delay, otherwise calculations are not correct since the cards ar started at the same time.


And the price, is this a fixed value or dynamic based on some site?

The kwhPrijs is in my case a fixed value setup as variable in homey. Since my power consumption price is the same for high and low tariffs.

But if you don’t have that you can have a flow setting the current value from 2 other variables(high/low) based on time/date. Setting the 3rd and use that value for the calculation.

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Thank you for the explanation. I was misled by your used 1 and 10. Because I want to know the difference of the same meter, I have to enter the same twice. As in the example with both flows, a 1. I fill there the aggregated meter reading, that should be my daily consumption with the solar panels included. And when I manually execute the flows, calculations are also made. So it works. Thank you.
And I bought you a beer.