[FeatureRequest] WebApp - Insights Graphs - Save layout

I have a few things that I like to keep track of… heating of the house, water heating, power consumptions etc… but I need to add these diagrams each time I go the insights page.

It would be great if I could save setups in perhaps tabs or something alike :slightly_smiling_face:


Maybe you can use google-sheets for that.

Yes would be nice feature, there is a rumour about a new “dashboard” in homey web app…….

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There are many way to do that.

Personally I use InfluxDB to retrieve all my data. And with Grafana I create queries on that database to present in a Grafana dashboard.

In this forum there are several articles to find on how to setup InfluxDB and Grafana.

Or you can use SQL with < Insights2SQL > App voor Homey | Homey

Or use Exporteer Insights App voor Homey | Homey

But I think your topic title is a little bit misleading.

You mean you want to save the insights diagram layouts (not the data). Right?

You might want the app Insights reloaded.

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I find it strange that there is still no way to save the layout of diagrams I have created in Insights? It’s a bit tedious to have to add the same graphs each time I want to see and compare a bunch of them.

I know there are apps that can export historic data to databases etc, act on trends - all kind of advanced uses - but I’d be more happy with just a way to bookmark my layout(s). At the least it could remember my last Insight layout, so it was there on next time Insights is used.

If the URL changed as you added graphs, and it could recreate the added graphs on loading that URL, we could at least bookmark them in our browsers. That should be quite easy to implement.


Fully agree, a way to simply save the insights configuration and timescale would be more than welcome.
Does anyone know if there are already plans in this direction?

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Duplicate of this: [Feature Request] Shortcut button for favourite graphs in Insight

and has a sort of solution,

Therefore this one is archived.