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[Feature Request] Shortcut button för favourite graphs in Insight


This might already exist…I may have missed it…but I have a multitude of sensors in my system. However there are just a few that I monitor on a daily/hourly basis. Default setting for Insight is an empty right panel so when I open Insight or if I need to refresh the page all graphs disappear and I have to search for them again.

Would it be possible to create a function where I can choose some graphs to be showing as default? Lets say I want to monitor outside temp, pool temp and wind speed. If there was a button named “Show favourite graphs” that shows all of them in the order I have chosen it would be a lot less hassle.

I hope this would be something to consider for the developers.

Cheers from Sweden!


I like an idea to save some favorite Insight collection.


+1 :+1::+1:


Having to constantly reselect all the key sources is a major hassle of using Homey! Placing a set of shortcuts to sett of graps should be an obvious fix!

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Yep. Waiting this great feature.

And/Or a search function would be great.

There is a search function…but for some reason it’s called “Filter” in Insight. :thinking:

@Paxman Using Android phone, I don’t see the “filter”, where can I find it?

Edit, in the WebApp it is there.

correct that uses the old Insights. I don’t expect them to update that one.

No Filter or search

on a Desktop op larger browser you better use My Homey ( https://my.homey.app/insights )
And I expect that one to come to the mobile also.

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On iPhone Insight opens in Safari browser…so to me that’s not really an app.

Homey should really include Insights in the main app.