[Feature Request] Shortcut button for favourite graphs in Insight


This might already exist…I may have missed it…but I have a multitude of sensors in my system. However there are just a few that I monitor on a daily/hourly basis. Default setting for Insight is an empty right panel so when I open Insight or if I need to refresh the page all graphs disappear and I have to search for them again.

Would it be possible to create a function where I can choose some graphs to be showing as default? Lets say I want to monitor outside temp, pool temp and wind speed. If there was a button named “Show favourite graphs” that shows all of them in the order I have chosen it would be a lot less hassle.

I hope this would be something to consider for the developers.

Cheers from Sweden!


I like an idea to save some favorite Insight collection.


+1 :+1::+1:


Having to constantly reselect all the key sources is a major hassle of using Homey! Placing a set of shortcuts to sett of graps should be an obvious fix!

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Yep. Waiting this great feature.

And/Or a search function would be great.

There is a search function…but for some reason it’s called “Filter” in Insight. :thinking:

@Paxman Using Android phone, I don’t see the “filter”, where can I find it?

Edit, in the WebApp it is there.

correct that uses the old Insights. I don’t expect them to update that one.

No Filter or search

on a Desktop op larger browser you better use My Homey ( https://my.homey.app/insights )
And I expect that one to come to the mobile also.

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On iPhone Insight opens in Safari browser…so to me that’s not really an app.

Homey should really include Insights in the main app.

Any updates on this one Homey-folks? It is very hard to understand how such a feature is not implemented…

I would also like a lot of other improvements on the Insights-graphs, but this must be nr.1 on the list!

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I have found a workaround for the problem with the graphs disappearing when reloading the web page: instead of hitting the web page reload button in your browser hit the time period button and change to different one. Lets say you are in “Last Hour” select any other period and the graphs will be updated. If you still want to see the last hour select it again.

Jupp…it’s clunky but at least you don’t have to search and select your graphs of interest again.

Please Athom devs…introduce a “Favorite graphs” function. :+1: I’d love to have the option to save several favorite graph sets, like “All indoor temperatures”, “All household appliances energy” and so on. Even the option to save stacked graphs in the same panel would be nice.


Any updated on this subject? Been 2.5 years it seems :sweat_smile:
I also lack the feature to save favorite graphs.

Guess you missed this a couple of months ago:

After selecting and/or combining you can bookmark it in your browser:

will look something like this: https[:]//my.homey.app/homeys/deaf0001badx1337/insights?logs1=homey:manager:system:loadavg&logs2=homey:manager:system:memusage

and then return to it through using the bookmark


Ah, that’s a pretty good solution. Thank you for letting me know!