Create persistent insights reports?


I’m fairly new to Homey but I like the product a lot and all the possibilities it opens up. So far I only have a few Aqara temperature and humidity sensors installed and I’m using Homey Insights to check primarily the humidity in my basement.

I like Insights but what I haven’t figured out is if you can create persistent reports, so that I don’t have to choose which sensors and what category of data to display each time I open up Homey Insights. Does anybody now if it is possible to create these kind of reports?



I don’t think that’s possible (yet).
It is bugging me a bit also, that the selected view disappears when reopening the web app or insights page.

You can consider exporting the insights data and create graphs of your choice with it, with use of Grafana f.i.

Thanks a lot Peter! I’ll definitely check out Grafana even though it’s not the simple solution I was hoping for. Perhaps one day there will be the opportunity to create persistent reports.

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YW! Yes, the apps are there. But setting it all up takes a bit of an effort I guess. I’m not running that setup myself…

Same here, I wish the developers at Athom would add the feature to save Insight graphs, a bit like for Flows. It would make so much sense.

Kind of annoying to have to reselect all parameters every time you open a new Insight window or refresh the page!

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Thanks Peter, but I don’t specifically want to export the Insight data to CSV or other formats. I was referring to the web page where you select the graphs to show ; if you refresh that page or click on the insight menu, it starts by a blank page, everytime! I wish the selected graphs/parameters would be stored and remain in place. A bit like the main page, with the Favorite Devices for ex.

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I know, but that page isn’t gonna be adjusted soon I’m afraid. So I felt free to give a few alternative ways.

+1 for this!
You want to go to the Insights page and directly see the things you’re interested in.

But that may differ depending on what you go to insights for. So, you need to be able to create screens for different purposes: i.e. a dashboard. Otherwise I’d have to wait for a graph to build up, delete it and pick another.

Saving the insight page preferences would be a great addition, or at least be able to make a favorite out of it so you can easily open the same insight page whenever you want.


How come this is still not implemented ??
What’s the point of insight, if you cannot open the dashboard, the way you set it up once?

Homey Devs, are you even reading through your forum?


@Emile are you actually planning on adding some more usability to the insights-tab?

Thanks for your consideration,

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Having 30 plus devices now in Homey Pro and measuring Power, Energy, Temp and Moisture in different zones i really love the great GUI of the Insights. But not being able to save and recall each configuration set of sensors is really cumbersome and I would love this feature to be prioritized.

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They’re probably not reading every word here.
Use the request form when you want to communicate with Athom. Go to and scroll down until you see “Customer Support”.