Insights with persistant stats

Just got a few temperature readers in my home, which I can graph very nice in Insights. However I notice eacht time I return I have to select the weater again and add to that chart the different sensors, over and over again.

Can I have a persistant link to the charts I defined?
Or is there a dashboard function which I can use?
Or which 3rd party solution do you suggest?

I checked several topics on the forum and I have the idea that there isn’t a lot of development on Insights. Any news on this? Will this be further developed with new options?


I’ll suggest using Influxdb. You can create a persistant dash, and the data stays accurate.
While Insights is compressing data, more over time, to save diskspace. F.i. a peak of 80 today, became 60 last week…
Only useful for recent data checks.

A more easy and straightforward app is Export Insights. It can export every x [time-unit] via FTP and more, to .csv
No dash though, just .csv formatted data to process the way you like.

If you have a local server/NAS you could push your data to a MySQL server to store all your needed data. You can react on capability changes or make a hourly/daily export.

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Thanks for your suggestions. However it disapoints me a bit.

I went for Homey assuming it was a noob solution vs HA. If I have to use MySQL or Influx DB there is no difference with HA, I probablly need to do that there as well I guess.

Also strange that Homey “compresses” the data, there should be an option and if storage was an issue they should offer cloud storage or other easy solutions.

Anyway. Will MySQL replace the storage back-end to improve the quality of the data by using Homey Insights? Or should I in that case also look for another chart interface or dashboard?

And would this be different for influx? It looks like it has charting options included from their website.

Besides the links you gave me are there any complete packages or plugins which I can use to get what I want. Persistant charts (with accurate data).

Thanks for your help.

No tool tool will fit the needs of everyone for 100%
No plug&play solution will give you all possibilities you want.

For Influx/Grafana, you need a Infux-DB and for charts a Grafana instance. I only know about docker versions for both.
For MySQL you need a MySQL server and the Homey app.

In boths variants you only export the data to a external DB. There everythign is stored and you can analyse it independent of Homey (Grafana, MS-Excel or everything you want).

Homey insigths are for displaying current data is a detailed chart and long term data in a trend chart. That’s possible in a very nice way in the WebApp.
Homey can’t log everything in a GByte size database. If you need detailed data over a long period, you have the chance to do it yourself with differnt database systems and apps. Yes, that’s not plug&play, but you can do it your way.


Clear thanks, too bad :frowning:
Going for InfluxDB with Grafana.