[APP][Pro] InfluxDb

I just installed influxdb (v1) and grafana using this howto and it works ok. I just installed it on a Debian 11 server, no docker.

Do you see a number other than zero at ‘Measurements’?

In what way do you query the database?
On the server with influxdb I installed influx client

On Debian I did:
sudo apt install influxdb-client

Open the database:

influx -database 'homey' -precision rfc3339

Then the command line changes from ~$ to >
Now enter select * from “DeviceName”

An example device:
select * from "1.Growatt_Solarpanels"

This results in a list of these lines:

2022-07-20T10:45:11.345Z fa38e533-9058-4af3-b39f-1b1eb5d060ea               2.7         1.Growatt Solarpanels [0a] Meters ⏱ 742296cc-377e-4b14-8809-90aacd3de808