[APP][Pro] Insight Trends [Abandoned]

As I am super unhappy with athom (and @Emile in person) I decided to stop any work on this app and removed it from the store. Sorry folks, if you wan’t to disuss this you can do so with athom, I won’t be available for any homey related support.



  • Fixed wrong ordering of the insights
  • Provided a new error trigger card


  • Some small fixes


  • UI with live preview and statistics
  • Return current value in the calculations
  • Support for boolean based insights


  • Initial release

reserved too

Love this idea,

Having the mode (modus) would be great too.
The mode is the value that appears most often in a set of data values

Good idea, do you have any example where that could be useful?

I am monitoring the water Temperature of my heater (Ingoing and outgoing)
I prefer to see the modus rather than the avarage or median
Measurements 70, 70, 70, 70, 60, 40, 40, 30, 30,
Median is 60
Avarage is 53.3
Modus is 70


How expensive is an insights card in terms of CPU and memory use? I can see how useful it is, but I’m worried it will be a heavy operation that you might need to call periodically.

Good question! Actually it is suprisingly low, I’ll be able to get into more details soon (fetching log entries is around a few 100 ms in general and calculating things is even faster). Calculating a few trends per second should not be a problem but maybe you should not query it all the time for all your devices.


Please note that there is a conflict between athom and the developer of this application as athom actively demands implementation of features they want to have and otherwise wont publish the app in their store. as this software was developed in no relation to athom and as the developer isn’t a paid contractor or in a similar relation to athom this cannot be accepted. the developement and the support of this application is herby terminated until further notice. If you have questions, please ask Athom


Anyway the app is splendid! Thank You for your effort to make Homey more useful and effective. Your app has made my flows much more simple to configure.

Despite the conflict, I am happy with this app… Let’s see if this flow will work out for me when showering, purple line, three moments… When motion is detected > switch light on + kick off the attached flow…

Trends only works retrospectively. Do you not think you need to trigger flow on change of humidity?

Thanks @Morgan!

For now I created a flow: Based on movement, lights+log writing… Including starting of this flow… this flow should start and than trigger should come because of these spikes in humidity. The humidity is continuous changing… Up but also down… Any suggestions are welcome.

I also want that when there is no humidity change, still the lights switch on when motion is detected… that’s why I separated these flows…

I stumbled into a problem with the app. If have more than one scope calculated, in different flows, for a capacity like outdoor temperatur, the When-card “Trend calculated” do not recognize which scope it shall report for.
I have one scope for outdoor temperatur to calculate minimum temperatur the last 8 hours.and another scope for outdoor temperatur to calculate the average temperatur the last 7 days.
Either of these to flows fires the “Trend calculated” and I do not now which scope is used. :frowning:

Is there a way to set a variable to the calculated mean for example? So if I want to calculate the average temperature of the last 24 hours, can I write this number to a variable? I can trigger actions when a calculation had been done but can’t seem to find the result of the calculation…

This flow runs when a trend calculation is made. Then it updates a variable with minimum value rounded to 1 decimal. Then it is sent to my mobile.

Might be a solution to put the trend calculated in a Logic vartemp1 and vartemp2 for each “temp” and use thatvariable furtheron?
edit: was not really wake yey, you already figured that out :wink:

Question to @MadMonkey

spoiler=Fixed (LogicVariable was not updated properly)


I’m doing the following to respond to a trend in a Logic variable
1 - IF sometrigger THEN set “LogicVariable”
2 - IF every 5 min THEN calculate trend “LogicVariable”
3 - IF calculated trend “LogicVariable” THEN something

But the trigger on the third flow doens’t fire. It works when I use flow 2 and 3 with a devicevalue (f.e. temperature)

Other thing Id like to mention: filtering doens’t work when selecting a value to calculate and the list seems unsorted. Maybe a fix for when you have come to agreement with Athom

And would be nice to have the calculated value available when using Trend for the AND or THEN part. As far as I can see this is not the case.
For example:
IF every 1 hours
AND calculate Trend [average] < 100
THEN push [average] to User

IF every 1 hours
AND trigger
THEN calculate [Average] + push [Average] to user

As far as I can see [average] is only available when you use a calculation as trigger?

What?? They want you to give (as in: they won’t purchase it, you must hand it over) your invented features to them, or else they ban your app?
This is fu…
Or am I getting it wrong?
You can publish @ Community Store without Athom interfering, but thats not what this is about, is it?
Let me know if I can do something

But @zakraket, you can! (I use the test version )

BUT… You only can’t see/retreive the actual value of [average] (sorry).
This is more of a way to inform you if the average dropped or rised @ last hour.

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Good news everyone! The conflict could be resolved and the app will be further supported. I’ve got a lot of positive feedback and I really appreciate this. Please note that I propably won’t be able to track all requests and questions as there are just too many apps and channels to support. The best way for bug reports and feature requests would be github (will be back soon) while everyone is invited to ask questions here. Thanks for your support!

PS: please consider a small donation if you like the app and if you would like to support further developement.