[APP][Pro] Insight Trends [Abandoned]

Great that you’re back on board, @MadMonkey!
I don’t use Insights myself but it’s the first topic where I read that you’re back and that the issues are resolved.
Hope to see you a lot, here in the Community!

@MadMonkey if you have some conflict with Athom, you are always welcomed on https://store.homey.community/ :wink:

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Echo echo :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have an issue

I have one flow that calculates a few trends, f.e. humidity in a room “every 5 min THEN calculate trend humidity”
I have another flow that triggers when this trend is calculated and then updates a logic variable to the calculated value (WHEN “trend calculated humidity” THEN set varHum1 to average)

I have three sets of these (three rooms, three sensors, three vars)

2 of them don’t work anymore, they just stopped working, and it seems they are not triggered anymore by the “WHEN trend calculated”. I just tested these two flow (with a testvalue) and they are now stuck on the testvalue and are not updated anymore, eventhough the “calculated trend” flow runs every few minutes.
The 3rd one still works…

I already reset the flowparameters, but the problem stays.

Picture of the insights of the three vars and the moment two stopped updating

btw the sensors work fine, humidity is going up and down.

Trying to start somewhere, and trying to find the source:
Aren’t the flows disabled by Homey? Can happen because of too many triggers in an amount of time.
Do you have Papertrails log cards added to every flow?

Didn’t know that. I see that some flows are greyed out, but they are not disabled. When I disable a flow it’s greyed out but it’s not the same grey.
So it might be that’s the cause, but I’m not aware that my flows trigger that often

I have one flow that calculates 8 insights every 1 minute. And then flows that should trigger to (one of) these 8 calculations

I found here that when a flow triggers more than 10x /sec it gets disabled.

I don’t think my humidity flows are triggered that much?

How do you enable such a flow?

Also I don’t get notifications (like in that topic in the homey Home page screenshot) of flows being disabled bacuse they fire too often.

okay, just found out that on the old Homey flow webpage you can see how often a flow is triggered. The 3 flows that I use to calculate avarage humidity (3 different rooms) seem to be triggered 9000, 12000 and 15000 times since I started using Insight Trends (about 1,5 weeks maybe??)
Strangly, the 15000 times flow still works, the other two don’t.

But still:

and then 3 of these

Come to think of it: the 15000, 12000 and 9000 is the pattern in which they stopped working (see screenshot above).
15000/3600 = only 4 days, so the seem to trigger only once a minute

(btw I adjusted the trends flow to calculate every 5 minutes a day or two ago)

I’m busy, so one hint, try to build a delay after the 1st card. 2nd card 1sec. 3rd card 2sec, 4th card 3sec and so on

tnx for the help

I tried the following options:

  • added a delay to every step in the “trends” flow (1, 2, 3 etc seconds)
  • disabled the trends flow and run it manually (it was already on a 5 min interval for a few days)
  • restarted homey
  • restarted insights app
  • disabled the 3 humidity flows (and some other humidity flows)
  • created a new humidity flow for one sensor

After restarting homey alle flows display the normal enabled icon but are greyed out after a minute (I assume Homey is still starting/restarting processes when I see the normal icon)

Nothing makes any difference, and all flows still are greyed out

Now I found the following:

The flows are grey because they cannot be started manually (so no green playbutton)

I should add that the other trends that are calculated (zonkracht) in the Trends flow and put into vars (f.e. ‘zonkracht’) still work, and have the same flowstatus. So the Trendsflow calculates, and other flows trigger to that calculation, no problems there

btw, the insights app uses around 15mb memory (20mb at first)

Thank you for developing this app, much appreciated.

  1. I’m using it to report my average weekly weight, including if the trend is positive or negative.
    Would it be possible to reduce the number of digits? my average weight is now reported via the tags with 15 digits behind the comma. Same for the trend.
    How can i beautify this ? I would like to restrict this to 1 digit only.

  2. When i put the Insight Trend as an action card, why are the calculated tags not available in the action cards after (in the same flow). Now i need to use a 2nd flow

  3. Can you give the formula for the calculated trend?

Very confusing, but, “Grayed out” means:
Flow = disabled
To test this flow, an imaginary logics value has to be entered manually after pressing the TEST button (The trigger card is replaced with the Test button, so the local variables aren’t available).

With these commands in post #1 of the link below, you can retreive flow statusses:

Yes you can!

  • Add a variable, type Number
    I named it ‘Insights_Average_Saved-.XX’
    This stores the outcome of the Insights calculation, AFTER a logics calculation has been made.
    To accomplish this, add a logics card to the THEN part, type “calculate a value”
    The formula you need is: {{round([TagOfVariableFromInsights],1)}}
    This rounds the number to 1 digit.
    To view more, or less digits, alter the number at the end:
    ..... ,2)}} rounds to 2 digits
    ..... ,0)}} rounds to round numbers
  • Important: delay the following card with a few secs, so the outcome of the calculation is available and can be used with the next card.

Screenshot of creating the “calculate a value card”:

Example flow

It’s b/c of the flow structure as it is.
So 2 steps are needed.

  1. Go “calculate trend”
  2. IF “as soon as ‘calculate trend’ outcome is available”, do something

It’s explained in the action card:

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Here’s the code

Found the problem. My 2 humidity calculations stopped working because (at least for the 2nd time) somehow the same sensor is put in the 3 calculated trends. I know I have rechecked and re-set the correct sensors a few before (I know because selecting a sensor from the long and unsorted list of device-values is quite tedious and I did this last weekend when trying to fix the problem), and now all three were again set to “woonkamer”. So “badkamer” and “slaapkamer” did not trigger…

Also, the vars in which I put the calculated values in came to a halt in the middle of the night so I know I did not change a thing
See here https://global.discourse-cdn.com/business4/uploads/athom/original/3X/8/3/83c4dfdbb7a2981fd5b0756753b0d4b64f7ccaab.png

Might it be caused by the fact that before all three were calculated at the same time (no pauses) and the app somehow confuses three sensorvalues?

@MadMonkey I see no GitHub section anywhere, would it be please possible to fix filter when using / selecting trends ?


And a sorted list (seems to be sorted to “device added” date)

@zakraket @Sharkys here you can do a request / submit an issue: GitHub - MadMonkey87/Homey.InsightTrends

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Last update now gives sorted devices list, great improvementt!

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I created a ventilation function which uses Insight Trends.
It switches while using the speed of the rising/falling values, not with the values themselves.

Also in Dutch:

is it possible to calculate betterlogic numbers that are also stored in insights?


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