New feature Idea: Advanced Insights!

I would like to see if there are people interested in an upgrade from Insights? perhaps I can then submit it to Athom. Maybe a good name: Advanced Insights :grin:

Maybe I’m the only one who wants to improve Insights for a more accurate one, but there are always nerds as I who like to see everything in detail as I. :wink:

The insights page on homey web is maybe enough accurate for most people, but not for me. I’d like to see some extra functions, for my work as an Operator on a garbage burner I’m reading a lot of data from what we call them Trends. It looks similar to Athoms insights but has some expanded functions.

The biggest problem for me is when I look to an insight and set it to 24 hour or even a week, then he flattens the values. so when I want to see the exact value on a random day and hour or even minute this isn’t possible.

  • I’d like to see a larger date range, the shortest range you can pick is now one day. But I would like to see a self adjustable date range. Example: I want to see the value from 15-12-2022 to 25-12-2022. With the time it is in fact the same, so when I want to see the insights of today from 03:00 to 03:20 this can only when I set my insights on Today or 24 hour. And the value is very flatten when you use 24 hour settings. In short, I would like to be in a position to enter the date and time of the Trends themselves so that I can look back at the exact value from 15-12 06:00 to 25-12 12:00.

  • Also I’d like to see that you can pause the insight from updating with an arrow on both sides that allows you to look back and forward in the Trend. Example: I set the time on 10 minutes and the date on 08-2-2022 12:00. Now you will see an insight that starts on the day and time I just ment, with a lengt of 10 minutes. Every click that I do on the arrow back it goes 10 minutes back in time and the forward button of course 10 minutes forward in time.

  • Now you can go with your cursor on the insight to see the value at the cursor. In my job I can set two vertical line’s (2 different colors) in my trends, these lines I can move over the trend where I want. And the lines gives the value where the line is at that moment, there is also a delta value between the lines which I like to see. Example: I make a trend from yesterday 01:00 and today 10:00 and. I put one line and move it to 03:00 and the other line to 05:00. Then I see both value’s and the delta value of it without the need to change the insight itself.

  • I like to see be changed is the color of the value’s in the insights, sometimes when I put multiple temperature sensors in a insights some colors are the same or almost invisible

  • the option to read boolean in insights is a missing option, most people want that function to be added to insights. like an 0/1 function for door contacts, motion sensors. Example you will have a quick summary of a motion pattern with an 0/1 boolean in insights.

I’m curious to know what you guys think about this and how many would like to see this as a new feature as well

PS: I’m not looking for alternative apps or scripts who will do the work. :slightly_smiling_face:

Below an example of a trend on my work

(my native language is Dutch so I’m sorry for any language mistakes)


This is done to reduce the needed memory inside of Homey, the “flattening” starts already after one hour. If you want to keep all the detailed data, you have to export it to an external device (PC? / NAS?) every hour.

luckily the new homey does have more memory in it :wink: :rofl:

A little weird aswel because a friend of mine who doesn’t have a homey right now can see insights with his homey account he already made for his homey 2023.

And if it flatter when im over a big periode that is no big deal, but when I want zoom in an older date than it would be nice if I see the true value’s again

Well, that’s the point: that data doesn’t exist anymore. For older data, only averages are stored (also to limit the amount of storage space used).

maybe they can work on that space problem, but thats on athom of course if that is really possible.

And the application doesn’t have te be free in my opinion, like advanced flows where we paid €25 for. Maybe for the users that want advanced insights you pay €25 for storage :grin:

All Insights data is stored locally, I don’t think Athom would want to store it somewhere in the cloud.

as I said, how can it be that I can see insights of Philips hue and Toon which linked duo Wifi to homey account without having a bridge or pro?

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Both Hue and Toon are cloud services (at least, I assume so) for which you don’t need a bridge (or a Pro).

Yes, so the insights data of those apps seems to be in athoms cloud to🧐

The Homey Cloud service runs entirely in the cloud, yes. But Homey Pro doesn’t, it runs most things locally, including Insights.

If you’re asking for an Advanced Insights for Homey Cloud, I doubt that will ever be made because Homey Cloud isn’t marketed as an advanced solution, that’s what Athom wants you to buy a Homey Pro for.

If you mean to say that because Homey Cloud stores Insights in the cloud, so why not do the same for Homey Pro: Homey Pro is being marketed as a local solution, meaning all the data is needs is stored locally on the device, and I don’t necessarily see a cloud-hosted Insights being a part of that (however, if enough people ask for it, Athom may consider it, of course).

I would also love to see the history of Variables on Insights.


This would be a nice upgrade indeed

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For me the most wanted feature would be the ability to save my Insights setup so I do not have to rebuild the trends every time. Like @Robin_De_Lange I am used to systems where you can call up preconfigured trends.
Even if Insights wouldn’t start from scratch every time but store it latest setup would be a big improvement.


Like Robert says, I don’t think it ever will be available from Athom.
Maybe as a payed cloud subscription.
But you can do it with influxdb and grafana.
Local on a raspberry pi or pc.
Or in the cloud

Maybe I don’t understand what you’re asking, but do you mean “logic variables”? They are available in insights. Just type “logic” as search string (or name of a numeric variable), and there are all insights of numeric variables available.

Yeah right, you can show numeric variables. Unfortunately the boolean variables are missing here.

I just realised that all kind of boolean data is missing in insights (door contacts, motion alarams, user variables etc.)

You can find that via the Devices, your device, bottom line, rightmost icon.

Sure, but I still can’t put them in a graph. Also this does not work on boolean variables.

Interesting? ON/OFF in a graphic? OK you have the right on your opinion.

It can sometimes be very useful to look back at the history of a boolean sensor: