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After spending some time learning my new Homey, I have a few questions:

  1. Is it possible to set other start and end dates/times than the predefined intervalls?
  2. Is it possible to scroll the time axis?
  3. Is it possible to use another resolution than the predefined? For 30 days, the resolution is 6 hours, which is very crude with a source that has much fluctuation. Any spikes will likely not be displayed.
  4. Is it possible to change order of graphs.

The Insights are of cause nice to do some things, but it seems seriously limited.

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  1. No
  2. No
  3. No
  4. No

Sorry for being so negative :wink:

I read somewhere the developers had to come up with a way to make sure Insights would not clog storage up with all the data over time. In order to make sure the database does not grow too much, choices had to be made. I’m pretty sure many of the limitations you mention are a direct consequence of those choices.

I did see a topic on this forum by someone who was working on a way to harvest the data, maybe that can help setting up an external datawarehouse to create your own detailed graphs, which does not suffer from compacting historical data.

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Thanks all. I noticed the export app. Nice. But it is a shame one should need it…

Looking at this comparison really shows the limitations in insights. Top graph is last hour. Bottom grapth is last six hours. To represent a “sawtooth” graph with a straight line because you use to few point is really a huge blunder! Six points are shown for the last six hours. Don’t know if one should laugh or cry…

Pls remember this is not a piece of €5000,- hardware.
You could look at it as: the narrower the timeframe, the more details are shown.

I just read the Insights section of the new web app ( shows more details than the original

I don’t think you’re looking at insights limitations, but to a device that sends only few updates.

To me, interpolating between limited points is equally bad: I had my bank do that on my savings account. The money sat there for a year, and when I withdrew it it showed me a graph of a gradually decreasing balance. If this is what the device reports, then the graph truthfully represents that.

I have e.g. temperature sensors that show very detailed graphs when temperature fluctuates, and insights give me fine results on hourly graphs. I also have energy meters that show even more detailed graphs. There is a downside, because those energy meters, if you have lots, can flood the ether and cause delays on switching for other devices.

Also, the dip in your graph messes with the scale, so you barely see the small fluctuations.

That beta seems to be on the right track! Searching for sources, combining graphs and some other things. If they keep on developing that one it will be a keeper!

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@Fredrik_Palsson Maybe you have it already, but I came across an Insights export app.

I have seen it, but not tried it yet. Thanks!

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