Insights: Choose date with 24h view / Ability to turn off interpolation (graph smoothing)

Currently, the insights becomes very granular once you go out to a week view. I’m trying to compare data from each day over the last week, but I can’t see the details I want on the week view. I’d like to be able to choose which date I want to look at the full 24 hour from. That way I can better compare various dates and gain useful insight.

The graph also has interpolation/smoothing between graph points. The current interpolation can make it hard to interpret data correctly. I’d like a toggle that can tun on and off “smoothing”. Especially on the week-view, it becomes rather impossible to interpret the data, because the lines overshoot rather quickly with the current interpolation implementation. With granular data, I can’t really see what’s going on.

You’ll have to contact Athom if you want this changed, this community forum cannot help with that (other than suggesting to look at alternative databases like InfluxDB).

Ah, then I misread the forum title as this being a place Athom also read. I figured I’d send them a mail, too. I’ll do that, then.

Only when it suits them :wink:

Maybe this is a solution: [APP][Pro] Archive Insights - export all your Insights data to a NAS, FTP or web folder

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This is definitely one solution. I guess it also shows that the data is in fact in there, and it’s not granulated for older dates due to a lack of data. I see the API-calls to fetch the data on the insight page, so if I find one that accepts parameters, I’m sure you could just change the calls to get the correct data, too.

Insights very quickly starts averaging data (after 5 minutes I think), throwing away old data points.

24h view is plenty for me, so if the same granularity as for 24h is kept for all history, that’d be fine.

These are the rrdtool definitions that are used:


Which, I think, means: keep 720 5-second averages, keep 360 60-second averages, keep 576 300-second averages, etc.

It looks like for the 24-hour view it uses the 5-minute (300/576) definition.

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Very useful insight - thank you!

There are a view other apps in the store, just search for insight, that might better suite your needs. I have not yet studied them all.

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@Articate, you’re absolutely right with the assumption that Athom is looking at the “Ideas & Suggestions” category: