Homey Energy, extended

Hi guys! I really like the Homey Energy feature, it is a good attempt by Athom to get more insights of your home. But honestly, eventhough it is still a new feature, it is very limited. Users can se the current consumption, and yes, you can say that you can see the historical consumption on each device in “Insights”. But that’s it!

I miss the aggregated view on a longer perspective, like the TV over a month, the dishwasher total time and cost per week etc etc. And how about smart “insights”, that shows an alternative way of using the washing machine on different times and what the benefits would be. I am just speaking of what I can think of when I am typing this text, there might, there are hundreds of more (and better) use cases.

Today there are a couple of apps that collects spot prices, it would be awesome to incorporate that functionality also. I do not know this should be expected from Athom, or if this is something that the community should do.

Let me about your thoughts…


I agree totally. Athom has made a good starting point with Energy. But it now needs to be extended. Easy first steps is provide insights for daily/yearly power use (or in case of solar panels: production).

Yeah, I do not want to disparage any developer here, but I think it requires quite a small effort in order to greatly take advantage of the opportunity. The smart insights is something for the future and will probalby require some other functionality first to be implemented.

I still think that Homey suffers from the lack of a “real” dashboard, as much of the mentioned funcationality should/could be integrated in that.

But anyway, it should be ease to vastly evolve from this Homey Energy state

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They could also do the same kind of screen for the temperatures as the temperature monitor : https://apps.athom.com/app/nl.hdg.climate

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I made a new app to at least summarize power data per hour, day and month:



Hey, that is brilliant. With that, you raised Homey Energy usability with, let’s say 186%! :wink:

Well, maybe 109.7 %:sun_with_face:

The app only does it’s thing on power meter devices, not on all energy stuff.

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power meter devices are the most reliable way to massure… All the other devices can u give any power value u want…