Energy consumption by day


I think it would be nice to see energy consumption by day like today, yesterday etc… Now I can only see cumulative consumption in insights.

like mentiond in the Welcome post wich ofcourse you read :+1:

The best you can do is file in the request form, mentiond on point 15

Ofcourse its a good start to discuss the option and see if more people want this feature, here in the forum

In the meantime you can use varaible and better logic.

Already in progress, when I dont know

There is an energy manager in Homey V3.0
Let’s hope something like this is included.

I like the Homey Energy feature, and what it can be eventually. In the current solution, it is too trivial though. At best, you can see the current consumption. Well, you can get nice graphs with historical data for each device, but it is hard to do anything with that insight.

I hope Athom or a another developer find a way to do more with this new opportunity. The data is there and up for grabs.

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