Homey Energy - total energy consumption

In the homey app, Homey Energy shows us the electricity consumption in a given room or device, but only on a given day. How can I check the total dumps for the entire house over a certain period?

The overview of the energy for the entire house or the different rooms shows the current electrical power in W of all devices, which support this.
You need a smart meter to see your total electricity consumption (kWh), even over different days and periods.
E.g. Tibber Pulse, Qubino 3-Phase Smart Meter, Homewizard P1 Meter, Shelly 3EM, etc.
Which device you can use depends partly on which country you live in and whether the electricity meter supports these devices.

I thought it was possible to convert W into kWh in a given period. Unfortunately, at the moment I am not able to install any counter, but this will not be decisive either because the counter will show the total consumption. Currently, I have several sockets with consumption measurement and I can see what it looks like over a given period of time. I also set the power of a given device that is connected to the sockets without measurement and I thought that it would be possible to check the consumption of these devices, e.g. Sonos speaker, TV, soundbar, etc. The problem occurs with Hue bulbs, I am not able to install a plug with measurement there. I would like to know what its power consumption is.

I saw this app but I have no idea how it would work. Do you have any sample flows or tutorials?

Please visit the forum topic of this app:

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To make this a little clearer.
Yes, of course you can convert W to kWh, the Power by the Hour app can do that. However, such data are not as accurate as data from devices that directly determine kWh data, the PbtH app also points this out.

I use Hue bulbs with the Philips Hue, without the bridge and it’s possible to set values for Energie when off and Energie when on. So when the bulbs are turned on Homey calculates the energy by itself, but energy in W not consumption in kWh.

Btw, here (Link) is an article about Energy function of Homey. Another article.

I saw this app but I have no idea how it would work. Unfortunately, after opening it, one icon with data appears, unfortunately even in the link you provided there is no easy instruction on how to do it.

Do you mean the Power by the hour App?
Again, please have a look into the associated