Consumption measurement

Good morning,

I just installed a Homey at home, so I’m finding out.

I am looking to measure the consumption of a machine with a Fibaro Wall Plug Z-wave socket

I would like when it is turned on to increment a variable to measure its consumption, I cannot find my way to do it. So at any time I can know its total consumption

Do you have a lead?

Thanks in advance

Install the Power by the Hour app for this.

This example flow might come in handy as well (and you can import it!):

Hint: please mention in your post you posted the same Q in an other topic as well:



Thank you for this answer and the indication of the app. This is indeed a good solution!

On the other hand, we have a bi-hourly meter with different night and day rates. I don’t have the impression that the app can make a distinction?

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Yes you can set different rates by flows.
I’ve also a meter with high and normal rates, and I saved the actual prices in variables, which are used in the tariff entry of the flowcard

Thanks for the reply.

I don’t see how to set up different rates and schedules.
In the virtual device settings, there is no such possibility.

Can you give me an example ?

Thank you