Homey Insights, trying to figure things out


I have been using homey for the past few months now, and I am still struggling to make heads or tails with the Homey Insights. I have a Homey Bridge, with different devices connected, mostly Shelly. They all report power and energy, and the whole purpose of getting the homey is to 1) Display all sensoric information (temperatures, moist meterings etc) and 2) Get a clear insight on the power usage in our home. Therefor, I added power metering to almost all consumers, big and small.

First problem was that whenever the power was cut, all shelly devices reset their energy counter. I talked to shelly support, and these simple devices don’t have any memory whatsoever to store the value. Bummer. So, for all simple shelly devices, such as plugs, I added a variable in homey, with a corresponding flow that would keep track of when the power is changed, and update the variable accordingly. It worked like a charm.

Now, the big issue I have now is what do I do with all this data? I have spent a few hours now with “Insights”, but sadly I can’t get any useful insights from the app. For example, a basic use case is "show me the power consumption of our home yesterday, YTD etc. I want to see how much the home consumed totally, and by device. This allow me to spot trends, and to find any culprits of abnormal power consumption. None of this seems to be available in Insights. It doesn’t display any values whatsoever, just a very basic graph?

I know that “Homey Energy” is totally broken and a mess, and I submitted a ticket for it some time ago, but I had no idea that Insights was this useless, or maybe I am just missing something? I do pay for a subscription. I just can’t figure out what to use Insights for… sure, I can watch temperatures and see how much it changes during the day , that part is somewhat useful. But for values that need deltas and aggregations like power and energy, it simply isn’t there. It seems like Homey Insights doesn’t change at all depending on what kind of unit it is displaying, with is a bummer.

Also, I can only show insights for my variables on the web app, when I try the same in the iphone app, it just says “no information is available”. Is this a bug?

So basically I am collecting all this information, but I have no way to make a proper presentation of it all? I really don’t want to mess with scripts or excel exports.

The most worrying part of it all is that Insights looks exactly like it was when I got this device 8 months ago. No new features, no improvements…

Any thoughts or ideas? I switched from Home Assistant to Homey hust to get an “out of the box” experience, so I dont have to spend lots of time with backups, yaml, grafana and databases. I guess I should have informed myself better on what Homey really was.

Insights is just very basic, and it also starts to aggregate data quickly, which means that it loses accuracy quickly.

There are some apps that allow you to get better insights (no pun intended) into your energy usage or export Homey’s data to proper time series databases, but those are for Homey Pro only (and they still require external storage and visualisation tools).