Live graphs of energy consumption or power use of certain devices

I want more insight in power consumption and my solar panels. I remember when I used home distant, it could have live graphs of everything just under the controls. Homey seems to have only ‘insights’, which are not live and have to be selected everytime. A widget for my iPhone isn’t an option at all.

Is there any app or tool who can do this?

What is missing for you in the device overview in Energy

Do you have a Homey or Homey Pro?

A graph over time, like 8 , 12 or 24 hours. And awesome would be to have colours for certain thresholds, like this:

I have a Homey Pro

Define live😁
I think Homey gives you enough tools to build whatever you want. So stop crying. and don’t expect other people to solve your wishes disguised as help question.
What have you tried so far?

I am glad with Zonnepanelen App voor Homey | Homey

They update live, but you have to create them first every time you want to see them. It’s silly that you can’t set up a bunch of charts that you can just view directly.

I find minicharts like these really useful:


Mmm, I cannot find that in Homey store.
But I found this one though: Insights Grafieken App voor Homey | Homey

That’s because it’s Home Assistant.

Not live :stuck_out_tongue:

Setup once :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably not what you are looking for, but maybe useful:

Easy there tiger! I am not crying, am asking. You can also not reply if there isn’t anything useful to the conversation…
As @robertklep says, home assistant has a net little -setup once, enjoy forever- graph. It’s something that is really useful, but I’m not using home assistant.

But you are correct in that insights are live (data) but you need to select them everytime again in a very long list of sensors. Which isn’t really userfriendly. There aren’t event presets you can save. So, I think my wish is a very decent one.

So you have to ask Athom for a product improvement😀

-Push your data to a Mysql server as rapid as you like.
-Use Php Generator for MySql (By Maestro) or other tool of choice to set up a webpage with the graphing you need.
-Auto reload the page.