Homey Pro Real Time Energy not Live?

Homey writes that it shows real-time power consumption. but it doesn’t show me. why? the chart does not move in real time and the timing does not match. look at the screen shot.

You’re looking at the wrong value.
The power value above the tile is in real time, but the graph gets updated every 5 minutes:

I know that at the top. Well, I was expecting nice animation in the graphics, as shown on the website :slight_smile:

Ah, the marketing mockups. The development team can’t always keep up with the marketing plans so it seems :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Can you send me a link of where the animation’s shown on the website? (Which of the sites? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
It’s not in here for sure:

The animation is here: Homey - A Better Smart Home
The chart runs very nicely in real time :slight_smile:
I am attaching a ScreenShot.

Thanks, that looks sharp indeed :wink:
I followed the ‘explore Homey Pro’ button instead of scrolling down.
Which Homey model do you own btw? On a Pro 2019 with app v6.x there is not much more than the animation of one frame per 5 minutes :sweat_smile:

So, probably only Athom support can tell you why it is not working like that at our Homey’s

My Homey Pro 2023 and app 7.x version

OK, then we can conclude the animation is as fake as f^ck :woozy_face:

I’m afraid I’m wrong, but now I seem to think there was an animation when the watt was set on one device. And now when many devices are brought together, there is no animation left. I’m too lazy to remove those w’s for everyone now to check…