[APP][Pro] Energyhive - Real-time display of your energy usage


Monitor your electricity use with Homey. Energyhive supports electricity monitors from multiple brands such as Efergy, CurrentCost, Wattson and EcoEye.

This app is tested on Efergy Engage.

You will need an API key from the your brand’s portal:

Combine with Power by the Hour app to summarise consumption and costs per hour, day, week, month or year.


  1. Get an API-key from your brand’s portal
  2. Set the API-key during pairing of the device

Device: Energy Meter


  • Energy - Energy kWh consumed since device install


  • Energy becomes greater the kWh kWh
  • Energy becomes less the kWh kWh
  • The power meter changed

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TODO - Features Requested

If you would like to request a feature to this app, please open a feature request at Github.

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