Energy Monitoring Conundrum

Hi All!

I’m looking at the possibility of utilizing Homey to monitor Energy Usage at my home.

Presently, I have a Sense Energy monitor installed. It uses a combination of voltage clamps (4 in total) which can be used to monitor the two phases at my breaker box and two other voltage sources (typically solar, but I put them on my two HVAC circuits). That system uses the primary voltage clamps to determine overall Energy usage, then uses additional leads, TP Link integration, and AI sensing to try to identify point sources of usage within the overall usage. So, it’s kinda nice to see their bubble-based system which shows what’s drawing power in real-time. Here’s a snapshot:

Presently, there’s no Sense Energy support within Homey and that’s fine by me.

As I look to my Homey app, I can see energy usage on a global and zone-specific basis. All of that data appears to be flowing directly from any smart device I’ve onboarded that reports usage. Very happy there too.

But, if I look at Homey in real time, it’ll show a value like 2.63kW when my Sense Energy is showing total usage of 2.85kW. That’s understandable because Sense Energy is measuring total draw from the breaker box and sub-dividing into point sources, where Homey is adding up point sources on a zone basis to come to their totals.

Now, the challenge. I’ve been considering getting an Aeotec Home Energy Meter Gen 5 to replace the Sense Energy clamps on my breaker leads.

If I go that route, is it possible to configure Homey’s energy output to see the Aeotec as a “total usage” meter and the data flowing from individual smart devices to show zone-based usage? If I’m reading Homey’s KB article properly, I believe that Homey will just add the Aeotec usage to the collected usage from point sources causing the Homey system to double-up and represent a larger level of consumption than is actually happening.

This may simply be a case where the solution is patience, but if someone knows a trick, it’d be the users!!!

When it has this setting it’s easy


Otherwise, this is an idea:
you’d create an advanced virtual device, which “measures” the real devices’ value as negative value, by multiplying it by -1
The net result is… 0 Watts.
(No flows needed :wink: )

That explains some of my confusion. None of the devices I’ve onboarded which show real usage have that setting so I didn’t know that it existed.

It does seem from your message that I have to make a decision. Do I want an accurate global reading (like I’d get from the Aeotec connected to mains)? Or do I want as much detail as is available from point sources, knowing that some don’t report and my global reading would be a touch low?

But it doesn’t appear that one can split Energy readings in such a way that the user can declare one source as authoritative from a global perspective, and allow the point sources to display zone-based consumption on a “best effort” basis.

Sounds like a case for a feature request!!!