Energy Monitoring (Solar, Battery, Grid, EV Charger)

Ive searched but cant find anything that can run multiple clamps.

I want historical monitoring on multiple supplys in my home (i currently have realtime, and limited monitoring in devices but none historical)

Does anyone know of a homey compatible device that could monitor multiple energy usages.

IE reading

How much energy is imported/exported to the grid
How much energy is created by 1 or more solar installs (i have 2 separate installs)
How much energy is importer/exported to a battery storage
How much energy is exported to EV car chargers (again i have 2 so would be nice to have them seperate)

Therefore, in reality, i need a device that can clamp to at least 4, but preferably 6, cables, and monitor the import/export on each, that i can then add to homey, see live data, and use homeys logging to view historical?


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Qubino Smartmeter 3-phasig
Aeotec Home Energy Meter Gen5