Homey Bridge insights

Does insights work with the Homey Bridge?
I think it worked in the beginning? I have now added some sensors and I would like to see the data of those sensors over the day. But if I open Insights then there is some data, but a lot is missing. So much is missing that its useless.
Any ideas what can cause this?


would like to know the same. i put a lot of humidity sensors in new house and impossible to read from that insights. wondering all day if anything wrong with the sensor parameters

:x: Homey Insights might not show the latest value.

OK thanks! Couldnt find this info easily.

Would there be another way to plot the data of the sensors of the homey bridge?

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Not with the Bridge Iā€™m afraid

I hope they will improve insights because now its rubbish. Sometimes it works and most of the time it doesnt work. The web app doesnt work at all, but on the mobile app its best sometimes.