Save insights?

Hi guys, I have recently bought a Homey Bridge and have a few questions regarding the insights part.

  1. Is there anyway of saving predefined charts? (combining a few and save them as a custom view?)
  2. Is there anyway of changing colors when combining a chart? (added 3 energy meters and all have the same green color)
  3. Is there any way of plans for adding a small chart or sparkline on the “homescreen/dashboard”?
  4. Are these mentions different on Homey Pro than it is on Homey Bridge? (If Pro have tons of more settings to choose from)


  1. No, at least not yet.
  2. No,
  3. No,
  4. at this level not, both Homey’s are the same at this kind features.

As this is a community forum, send your feature requests to Athom support.

I know fe 1 and 2 have been asked before, but I don’t know if it will developed.

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