Sending sensor data from Homey Bridge to Google Home


I’m very new to Homey Bridge and am looking for your advice.

I have a Cleverio Temp Sensor SS300 that is connected to my Homey Bridge. The device and its data are available in the Homey App. But I’m now trying to forward that data to Google Home, but the device is not being added. Google is unable to find any devices in Homey (so far only the sensor).

What do I need to do to view this sensor data also from Google Home?

Thank you in advance.
/ Jesper

Temperature sensors are not supported by GHome AFAIK.
But, f.i. thermostats are.

Thank you for your reply Peter, one more question. Is there any way to convert the sensor data in Homey Bridge to make Google believe that it is a thermostat?

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I don’t think that’s possible. The device should have a ‘target_temperature’ along with the ‘measure_temperature’ capability.

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