Temeratur from Homey to Google Home

Hi, i will show the temperatur from a room (Already in Homey via zigbee) on the google Hub.
What is to do?
I found all like powerplugs etc from homey in Google but not the temeratur

Create a virtal thermostat with virtual devices. Write a flow that sends the zigbeetemperature to the thermostat. Let google sync with homey

I do, the V thermostat is in Homey but dont shown in Google

Re-Synchronise your Homey account with google home in settings

Important !
After you changed or added a devices to homey OR Hue which is connected to Google home
say to google “Synchronise all devices” then wait 30sec and google will tell you "succesfull synchronise with service X and Y "

I have also connected my TADO thermostat to homey and homey is ofcourse connected to google and google is able to read and set the temperture in each room.

This is my view from google

View in Homey app

In both i do see in the room Washok with sensor “Temp_Washok”

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