Xiaomi sensors in Google Home


I’m coming from Samsung Smartthings. When i used Smartthings and connected it to my Google Home account, my Xiaomi sensors where also exported to my Google home account. So i could ask my Google Nest hub: What’s the tempeture in my bedroom. And Google / Smarthings reads the Xiaomi tempeture sensors. Same for my window. I could ask Google if my window was open (Xiaomi door sensor).

Now when i use Homey, I don’t see my Xiaomi Zigbee devices like tempeture sensors or door sensors. I can’t ask Google about the status of those Zigbee devices.

Does anybody know if this is possible with Homey and Google Home?

No, currently not possible.
Athom needs to add support for exporting those devices to Google Assistant

Thank you for your reply.
I hope Athom will support this in the future!