Google Home with Homey

Hi all,

Got some problems with my Homey in combination with Google Home.
First of all my setup, got some Yeelights that get integrated like a charm (and not have a hub)
But secondly I got 2 Aqara door sensors, 1 light switch and 2 temperature devices.
I do understand that they require a hub without homey but logically homey is the hub to Google Home, isn’t it?
For instance, I want to see if the sensor is open and what the temperature is in the room (with the aqara equipment) in the google home app. Currently none of those devices show up.
Would be frustrating if I got such an expensive “hub” named homey and could not use it in Google Home.
I hope that someone knows how to add all the homey devices.



Google hubs only show certain types of devices. This is by google’s design and not athom. Theres an article here:

With homey you can control the smart devices in your home, like turn on your lights when you’re home, or close the blinds at night. Google hubs pass voice commands to homey, so devices that do not directly connect to google home can be connected through homey.

Google have extended their support for sensors a long time ago,, unfortionally Homey havent catch up yet :disappointed:

It’s a bit odd, but the virtual temperature devices (fed by Aqara temperature devices) show up in Ghome and report their status.
So is it Homey? No. Is it Aqara? I don’t get why they don’t show…
So a workaround is to add a virtual thermometer / thermostat, en feed it by an Aqara temperature sensor.
Open/Close is not yet visible. 4 Tuya wifi PIR sensors (direct via Tuya integration) appear in Ghome, but I can’t trigger anything with them.
Homey (virtual) contact- and PIR sensors don’t show in Ghome

But… you can see it in Homey app, or or