Aqara temp sensors and Google Home

Out of ideas here.

Adding sensors to Homey works fine, not working asking Google home
Adding sensors to Aqara Hub M2 and then to Google home. Works asking about temp, no show in Homey

I want the temp sensors showing in the homey app but also be possible to ask Google home the temperature

I created virtual temperature sensors for that, then they’ll show up in Ghome.

This way I “feed” them with the original temperature sensor values:


Just creating av virtual temp device that one should show up in GHome after update right?

I never finds it

Is it a sensor device? Did you also add it to your favorites? And did you then do a Synchronize?

Mm a virtual device.
Have only device and mode to choose from when creating.

Not added in favorites but tried to sync i GHome multiple times

Better use the App Virtual Devices App for Homey | Homey
Create a temperature sensor device, and add it to your favorites.

I’m not sure if a temperature sensor does the trick.
Try a virtual thermostat instead; That should show up in Ghome


Ok adding a termostat instead adds it in Google.

But Icannot get the flow working.

I did this:
Added tje virtual button as per Peter_Kawa nice description above.

Added flow like this
The aqara sensor and “when temp change”


First tag Temperatur is the virtual sensors temp value the second tag Temperatur is the aqara sensors temperatur tag.

Guess I am doing it wrong somewhere.

Compare this:

With this:


I knew I did something wrong :grinning:

Tnx now its working.
Aqara temp in Homey and I can ask Google Home