Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor

I added it to my device but i need to long press on it to see the information ( temp,humidity, etc…)
Is there a way i can see this data in homey without long press the sensor?

No this is not possible at this moment.

Like Marcel says: No, not in the app at this moment.
A workaround could be to make a shortcut on your homescreen to the page.

oh ok i can try to work with homeydash
10x !
can i do there shortcut to specific information tile ?

No, not to a specific tile. But you can add the desired tile as first tile in your mobile app favorite tiles section. Then it will always show as first favorite tile on the dash.
If you start working with the dash, it will get more clear how it works.

I’m not a programmer, but i think you could change the battery monitor app. Then you could show alle the temperatures.

Just try this temparture monitor… Dident work for me
U had any luck with it?

I can see my sensor redings but i dont know how to add this information to my dashboard

You can’t, it’s just a program that shows all temperature readings from all your temp sensors.
It doesn’t add something to you favorite device tiles.

If you want to see the temp on a tile then use
Just follow the instructions and see if it is something you want to use.

Looks something like this (after you do some tweaking for yourself of course):

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Is this sensor working for you and is it updating every few seconds or minutes ?

I use the round version without barrometer and it does not update. I did connect directly to homey without anny hub

Yes thay are working and auto update evry few second
U connect them directly to homey or via xiaomi hub?

Hi Oren

Via homey … i do not have the xiaomi hub. And you ?

No i dont
Mmm how do u check it? I use homey dash

Just in the homey app. Updated 1 time in the last 24 hours … despie temp moving from 21 to 25 back to 21 on my thermostat.

I would like to know how to update the firmware without the Xiaomi hub

Mmm no
Just enterd homey app
“updated 14 min ago”

I dont know
Send pic of ur sensor


Yeah 7 hours ago :slight_smile:

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Press the button once and a) look if the led blinks and b) see if it updates the values.
If the led blinks and it does update then you could try to remove it properly and re-add it.
If it doesn’t blink, change the battery and try again, if it doesn;t update (either before or after re-adding) then it is probably the notorious Zigbee problem.

thanks Peter

tried all of that already (including batt ). It works and updates for 15 to 30 mins ( several updates in that period ) and then nothing anymore or just once a day.

Remove / add … working for 15 to 30 mins etc etc etc.

Weird that some other claim they do not have issues. Could be a firmware thingy also … but i do not know how to update without the Xiaomi hub (IF possible at all).

Thanks for thinking

Hmm. Very strange indeed. And if you in between press the button once, does it update then? Because if it does, the connection with Homey is intact. Then i should either be a device thing, a range problem (but i assume you already tried to leave it closer to Homey) or the Zigbee core problem.
It could help if you had another one to connect after this one and see what happens with the latter one.

Yupper . 1 press it blinks 2 times … updated in app. So thats working.
Range also tested 30cm next to homey - 3 meters where my thermostat is … same thing.
Now it is on a shelve 1 meter above homey :slight_smile:

So i suppose it looses connection or something. Weird thing is that it updates sometimes after hours.

Any clue on updating firmware without hub ( i do not think possible but who knows ) ?
That would be my last option before waiting for a zigbee update from homey or i buy the square one also via Ali … but am a little afraid for the result. I then have 3 sensors with just one working 50% ( aeotec multi 6 as u might remember ) for 85 euros total :slight_smile:

I remember… :wink: I bought 10 of the round ones in batches with 14 months in between. Never did a firmware update (which indeed is only possible via the Xiaomi hub if possible at all for the round ones). They just all work.