Temperature sensor for Homey bridge

I’m looking for temperature sensors that work with Homey bridge. I have a set of nexa sensors but I haven’t been able to get them to work, none of the apps I tried (Nexa, Cleverio, Trust) seem to have support for any temperature sensor.
I also bought a couple of Sonoff zigbee sensors but it seems like they only work with Homey Pro.

Are there any sensors out there that work with the Homey bridge?
Or is there any way to get my nexa sensors to talk to the Homey bridge?

Thanks, Ola

@Undertaker has a good option, but you can also use Netatmo Weather station. That is a WiFi solution, but you can use it in a Bridge.I have used both in a Bridge. Netatmo primary for the outside temperature, and Aqara for inside.

It’s not very difficult:
Go to https://homey.app
Hit the = on the top left, and select “Browse apps” from the Homey section:

Enter your search phrase, and all supported sensors appear:

SwitchBot also have them, for both indoors and outside.
In theory they will work with the bridge via BLE but for better performance you can use a Switchbot hub via a cloud connection.

Great thanks! The Aqara is working fine here now :slightly_smiling_face: