Homey Cloud - virtual thermostat?

Hi, I am a SmartThings user that have decided to test Homey Cloud and bridge.

I understand this is Beta, but was quite surprised to not be able to control my Fibaro wall plugs with a temperature sensor. I consider this a basic «must have» feature as I am controlling my heating via Tibber.

Am I missing something? Any information on this feature arriving or another solution?

As a sidenote, if anyone are considering a purchase. Homey Cloud still «feels» Beta and somewhat limited from a user experience perspective. I completely understand the Cloud strategy. However, this service still needs bug fixing, more devices and features to fullfill basic automation needs. Homey Bridge hardware and connection to Cloud seem to work well, with similar response time to the SmartThings hub.

Tools like the virtual thermostat are considered too advanced for the Homey cloud target audience. I do not own a bridge to verify, but controlling plugs using a temperature sensor could still be done I suppose if you create your own flows using “temperature becomes higher/lower than” cards. If those are not available for your thermometer device, it should be possible using the logic cards that come with the paid subscription.

It is kind of a paradox though, because building such flows requires cloud users to be more advanced, which they aren’t supposed to be. So this scenario is probably indeed not intended for cloud users.

I believe heating control are some of the major selling points for the mainstream audience. Athom even invited Tibber to the keynote a few weeks ago.

A virtual thermostat is an enabler for heating control to work easily with basic wall plugs and temp sensors, in combination with services like Tibber (which are aimed mainstream). My experience with using cards for heating is that it requires a lot of setup with inferior results compared to Tibber.

It really is a brand new beta product, it seems you realize that, but you also seem to expect a fully usable production solution.

I’ve gathered some useful info (I hope)

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Maximums and limitations
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