Airbnb connection

I’m planning on using multiple home bridge’s to control all my airbnbs so whenever its not rented it turns stuff off but when it is rented everything is turned on. does anyone know if there’s already some integration setup for this?

I’m waiting on my first bridge to get delivered to test but it looks like I need a homey pro account for each home. And there’s still no integration with google for the Nest or doorbells yet

I would not know if there is something like that, but isn’t it quite simple…?
Since you cannot work with a certain presence like a phone on WiFi, However you could just do it like so.

If motionsensor hasn’t detected a person for 14hours (in for instance the hallway) SET mode Airbnb_InUse to FALSE

and IF Airbnb_InUse is FALSE turn of electrical heater (with wall socted) etc,

I’m hoping to use some calendar connection to show when its rented or not (not just airbnb but vrbo and other sites so this will work with all). I need something to turn the water heaters on hours BEFORE a rental and possibly AC/heat days before a rental. Ideally if the temp is set to 70 and the actual temp is under 60 or above 80 then turn on 48 hours beforehand if 65-75 then turn on 4 hours beforehand.

I would seriously suggest nót using a Homey Bridge or Cloud account for this. Stuff related to heating/cooling (or security, or access control) needs to be controlled by something that can run locally and doesn’t depend on a working internet connection.

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I figured I can have some check and balance like 2 hours before it sends an alert if the temp isn’t right or something isn’t on.

We use homeseer right now but its a pain having PCs on at properties states away and usually some power issue then we can’t see whats going on. I can easily run 4G backup internet then put it all on a battery backup even and since the homey bridge doesn’t use nearly as much power as a PC it should last a long time

That only leaves you requiring a 24/7 working cloud service which, if you search around on the forum here, Homey Cloud isn’t yet.

Agreed with Robert. You’re looking for a hobby device, while you really should look for a pofessional solution. Imho that is.