Homey pro and various alarm turning off

Hello there!
I’m a frustrated homey pro (2023) user version 10.0.5 and app always up to date, seeking for advice.

A little bit of context:
Before going to homey pro i used for a year the homey bridge but i experienced a lot of lag and bad functioning during my daily use, but after all was a beta for most of the time, so nothing to complain about it. After purchasing homey pro, lag was completely solved but i still have a lot of issue with many different sensors.
They trigger the alarm on properly but then not turning it off (Sometimes the event of trigger on doesn’t work either).
I’m talking about a mix of zigbee and zwave devices, (fibaro motion sensor, aqara motion sensor, aqara door sensor, frient motion sensor and a couple more). All sensors are quite close the homey pro and anyway i have a mesh network with nodes no longer than a couple of meters and i don’t live in a metal bunker.
I tried to repair, unpair and pair again almost all of them, using them closer the homey pro and so on but their functioning is not consistent in time.(some days are better than others).

Obviously the first hypothesis is defective sensors and this is what i thought since my first homey bridge. But after changing many of them and purchasing others the likelyhood that i bought almost all defective sensors is not zero, but quite low. So actually i’m starting to point my finger to the homey itself. Unfortunately i don’t have any other hub (aqara, fibaro, ikea etc) to try the sensors out of homey ecosystem.

Do you have any suggestion to try to make more tests and try to solve all of this that makes my user experience below and acceptable level?

Thank you

My opinion is Homey (or any domotica hub) is not plug & play. You have to get yourself informed to some level to make it work for most of the time & keep your “user level experience” on the positive side.
Wireless technology is far from perfect and can create all kinds of issues at any moment. It depends on many things and on your knowledge. When possible, use cables.

Zigbee 3.0 is a standard, but manufacturers are not obliged to follow it (this way they hope to sell their own zigbee hubs along with their devices, and want you to stick with their brand).
So not every brand or type works flawless together when they have to use an other brand’s router.

Aqara (& Tuya) for instance, is a quite peculiar with following zigbee standards. F.i. my Aqara sensors randomly stopped sending updates when I added some Ikea Tradfri bulbs… replacing them with Lidl zigbee bulbs solved those issues.

(Source Xiaomi RTCGQ11LM control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT)

Also make sure to tune the wifi & zigbee channels!

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