Making sense of power measurements

I am getting rather weird power metrics reported from a Neo power wall plug.
The normal power usage on this socket is 2000W very occasionally. Homey Insights regularly shows numbers that are way off, both for power usage and for power meter.
Any ideas how to reset it or make it report proper data?

Try a firmware update for the plug. Or buy other type/brand plug.
Homey just displays values which the devices’ app reports.

happens here t once in a while (also neo) dont know how to FW update them though, could you explain @Peter_Kawa ?

FW updates, if any offered, should be possible using the devices own phone app. F.i. Tuya and Shelly devices can be updated that way, and f.i. Hue/Tradfri can be updated that way, but only if they’re paired with their bridge.
As far as I know🙃